Why do people look down on my DXM use? People can smoke weed but they can’t drink cough syrup?

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Night two… I did it again sober as fuck chilling with my loves seeing and feeling, attached and orientated. It was tiring, I was tired and nueseas but I think I worked through it well.
The aim isn’t to make them believe I am sober I am beyond convinced that my word means nothing and I am a liar. They have every reason to think so. The aim is to become sober and make them believe I am now again who they first knew me to be

It all started tonight. 1st night straight sober with the people I love most. I see more clearly. I feel more clearly. I remember why I chose to surround my self with these people. I feel the love again, and my love is stronger.


sometimes you just really need a break from reality.
and that’s what drugs are for.

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the harsh reality about living with suicidal ideation is that no one but yourself is going to save you

you have to learn to live with the thoughts/urges

you have to become responsible for your own behaviour and your own safety

you can’t keep relying on other people to save you